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Dressage with a difference: This is a workshop of gentle, classically-oriented riding and training, plus it is a chance to learn coaching skills that will help you and your horse to continue your progress when you go home. Clinics are scheduled by request.

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Welcome to the website. Here you will find support and information to help you become a better coach for yourself and your horse, improving your relationship so you can both enjoy yourselves more. You can explore what's important to you about riding and being with horses, and find positive ways to move forward that work for you and your horse.
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  • Coaching and instruction in being with horses, including ground-handling skills, in-hand practice, lungeing, long-reining, liberty practice and riding
  • Coaching and instruction in riding and training in accordance with gentle, classical principles
  • Clinics and workshops on various topics, including 'Dressage with a Difference: gentle, classically-oriented riding and training, plus practical coaching skills that will help you and your horse to continue your progress when you go home'
  • Starting and bringing on young horses
  • Confidence coaching for horses and riders
  • Horse-facilitated coaching
  • Eco-workshops with horses

Horses are wonderful, magnificent, marvellous beings. So are humans. To be around horses is a privilege that can bring humans great joy and I want people to appreciate that opportunity and share that delight. Equally, I want to improve the lives of horses who are suffering through human ignorance, callousness or cruelty. I would love to hear from you: getting together with like-minded people allows us to achieve so much more than we can do alone!

Rowan and Brigit


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Heart To Heart
With Your Horse


This book is about how to be a better coach for yourself and your horse, so you can learn how to bring out the best in both of you.

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